In Loving Memory of


September 28 1999 - March 3, 2014

.......and in my heart you will remain, "Forever Young".....





"Perfect Tommie"..., "Burr"..., "Granny Goose",... "TommaRama"... ,"Tommicus"...,"Tommiegirl".....and 'Dad's favorite, "Bad Tommie"( all in good fun, everyone knows you were very good!) You had many nicknames in 14 and a half years. And so many memories to count. One beautiful litter, from which came your daughter "Mickie". Many many grand pups, great grandpups and great great grandpups. I'll never forget your first master pass, in Nevada. You took that wonderful over through the huge tule patch and came out on the other side, and picked up the bird. For that day, you earned the nickname, "Perfect Tommie" Ten years after that, here we are.... Through teary eyes I say goodbye for now- Thanks for the memories ,"Burr".     



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