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Proud to announce, Karen's ethical breeding practices have earned her recognition by the AKC as a Breeder Of Merit!!
See www.akc.org for more information on the Breeder of Merit program.






Waterspook is a full time Dog Training Center. We also offer beautiful Hunting bred Labrador Pups. Although we don't have puppies all of the time, when we do- they are pretty special. We start with selecting parents who meet very demanding specifications in trainability, natural hunting instincts, proper appearance, and most importantly- PHYSICAL AND MENTAL SOUNDNESS. That is why all Waterspook breeding stock is OFA hip OFA elbow and ACVO or CERF eye cleared.  Also, now that the DNA  test for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) is available to all breeders, all of our breeding stock, and outside breeding stock, is also tested for EIC. Also, now that the DNA test for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and CNM (CentroNeuroMyopathy)

Although nobody can guarantee a living animal's future- these criteria allow for peace of mind for us and you!  All of our puppies are born and raised indoors, I sleep near the dam and pups for several days to weeks- then at 5 weeks, they're moved out to the puppy pen where they have full access to many toys and challenges. Our puppies are NEVER raised on concrete surfaces- unlike so many other's. I feel this is a benefit in keeping them cleaner, and also is better for their growing joints. They're acclimated to loud noises from the beginning ,and are started 'retrieving' birds at 5 weeks. This of course, continues until they leave for their new homes. At 4 weeks, I begin observing closely their developing personalities, so that I can offer input to each potential family, about the puppies' behavior.

Waterspook Puppies are current on vaccinations and wormed several times. Sorry, we do not ship puppies, Also- as an incentive to return to Waterspook for later training- a $100.00 discount is offered to Waterspook Puppy buyers on the "Gundog Program" (or any program lasting 8 weeks or longer.). 


Please inquire for Litter availability

DEPOSIT POLICY:  We accept deposits for our puppies once pregnancy is confirmed. 

All deposits are Non-Refundable -unless the dam does not produce puppies or we are unable to provide you with the color/sex of your choice. 

You may then at this point choose to roll over your deposit to a future litter or we will refund you your deposit in full. 

Breeder retains right to first pick(s) of any litter.


Below are a few photos of  puppies from past litters...





Sorry, we do not ship puppies.




Waterspook Labradors breeds and endorses ONLY the THREE AKC RECOGNIZED COLORS : BLACK, YELLOW AND CHOCOLATE. 

Don't be taken by breeders who claim to breed 'rare' colors, such as silver!

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