DOB 12/2/14  

(MPR's One For The Road, MH x Waterspook WW Stark Ravin' Madd, JH)


OFA HIPS EXCELLENT , OFA Elbows Clear, OFA Eyes Annually, OFA Cardiac Clear, EIC/CNM Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear DD CLEAR ( DILUTE FREE!)

RITA- one of our young girls to the lineup,.

Rita obtained her SENIOR HUNTER Title in April 2018,  in 4 out of 4 tests!

She runs with style and purpose, yet very tractable and handles very well . 

She is a big girl, about 75lbs, and such a love.......




                 DOB 3/23/14

(CH Braemar's The Last Straw, JH x Waterspook All American Gunshot, SH)

 OFA: Hips Good, OFA Elbows Clear, OFA Eyes annually, OFA Cardiac
EIC/CNM Clear by Parentage

 AJ is a very affectionate but not needy girl. Loves to hunt upland birds- and lizards.!

Very calm and easy to live with, we expect teamed up with our firecracker, Trooper, will make some very nice easy to live with, hard going hunters.

She's a smaller girl with a compact body style with a thicker head type although very feminine.
AJ loves to curl up on the couch. 




DOB 12/3/11

RETIRED and living the sweet life as an only dog in a friend's home

   (Waterspook WindRiver Turn The Page, MH x Waterspook All American Gunshot, SH

OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Clear, Eyes, CERF, EIC/CNM/OFA, OFA Cardiac
EIC/CNM Clear by Parentage

Star, also a youngster, earned her JH handily and with style .

She has a very thick coat, and is a big girl at ~75lbs.


Waterspook Black Magic Woman, JH  click for pedigree

DOB 10/15/16
     Waterspook Windriver Turn The Page,MH x Waterspook All American Aunt Jane)
                    OFA Hips GOOD/ OFA Elbows CLEAR, OFA Cardiac, OFA Eyes Clear, DNA Clear: EIC/CNM/PRA-PRCD/ RD-OSD/DM/ HNPK/and DILUTE  CLEAR (DD) 
  Magic is a great combination of her parents Trooper and AJ. Excellent marker, and very driven worker.
Went 4/4 in Junior without missing one mark- perfect.!
  Currently learning advanced skills and hope to run Senior in 2019.

WATERSPOOK WW STARK RAVIN' MADD, JH click for pedigree      

RETIRED from breeding

  DOB 9/14/10

(AFC Super High Flyer x Waterspook Girl Named Will, JH)

OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Clear, Eyes, CERF, EIC/CNM/OFA, OFA Cardiac
EIC/CNM Clear by Parentage


Ravin' is our 3rd generation OFA Excellent hips!  She has a sweet loving temperament.

Very trainable, and learned her handling skills very easily. She is trained through Senior level, and will resume training. 



DOB 10/11/12

      (Trumarcs Bankshot Bandit, MH x Waterspook All American Gunshot), SH

OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Clear, Eyes, CERF, EIC/CNM/OFA, OFA Cardiac
EIC/CNM Clear by Parentage

    Jeter is a daughter of Fats and Ollie. 

She is from our "Yankee" Litter .

Jeter got her SH title in 2017, with 4 consecutive passes! (only needed three but got an extra she was already entered in).!

We're very proud of our Jee, and are hoping to run Masters with her.

She is very willing, trainable and hits the water very very HARD!

 She is very "Waterspooky" in looks and temperament 

Jeter 8 weeks


Ollie Pregnant!
Waterspook All American Gunshot JH SH- "Ollie" click for pedigree    

DOB 8/18/07


(Waterspook Kickin' Gunshot, SH x Waterspook MacDonald Tartan), JH
OFA GOOD, OFA Elbows Clear, OFA Heart Clear, EIC CLEAR.  CNM Clear-white list

Ollie is a wonderful daughter of Mickie and Boom. She has so many qualities of both parents.

She is a pinpoint marker like her mom and her grandsire Kick. Ollie went 4/4 for her Junior Hunter title, Ollie obtained her SH (Senior Hunter title) in summer of 2012.

                                          She has had two beautiful litters (see, Star and Jeter)  


WATERSPOOK GIRL NAMED WILL, JH                                         

Willie with wild Montana roosters



Wonka at Spring Creek 



DOB 4/8/06

(Riparian Bearly Behavin‘,MH x Waterspook MacDonald Tartan, JH)
OFA Cardiac, CERF Eyes, EIC Clear.

Willie Wonka is my sidekick. Always with me riding shotgun in the truck while traveling.

 She is the perfect traveler, quiet in motels, allowed in anyone's home we visit,

 She is a great upland dog who is looking ahead to this fall's season of dove and pheasant hunts.

 She gets to be setup dog whenever we train. Just generally "spoiled"..... 




















Our Retired girls



September 28 1999 - March 3, 2014
D.O.B. 09/28/99
(Odder-N-Most, MH X Billie, SH)
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Clear
Eyes: ACVO annually, 
Heart: Echo CLEAR/Color Doppler

Please see Tommie's memorial page for her


Tommie is retired from hunt tests but excels in Princess-ism, like her mother, Billie! She keeps all the youngsters in line and makes sure that we keep a full stock of stuffed bunnies for her to nurture. She Loves Hunting Pheasants and hopes to get more times out this fall. Tommie is a favorite of many of our guests here, as well.

Photography: Greg Gersbach/Wildheart

Waterspook's Girl Named Bill, SH
September 28, 1995 - June 7, 2010

D.O.B. 9/28/95 B(y)
OFA hips: GOOD, 
OFA Elbows: clear, 
Eyes: ACVO clear annually 

Click picture to see pedigree

Sadly, I held Billie for the last time on June 7, 2010. She was the foundation of Waterspook Labradors, and will be forever missed. The kitchen is not the same without her in it.......


Waterspook Sable's Dark Secret, JH, MH
With much sadness, I lost Sable January 13,2015. She was a healthy girl her whole life, but it was time for her to go.

They needed another wonderful girl "upstairs"...the house is not the same without her

Hips OFA Good,
OFA Cardiac Clear,
Elbows OFA Clear,
Eyes ACVO clear

FC/AFC Kensbridge Darkly Handsome
Diamond P Darla, MH

Sable is small but has the power of a girl twice her size. Full of fire, quick and agile- but such a mush in the house.

As a tribute to her mother Darla, she is determined to become a Master Hunter. She is also the apple of my eye.

Sable earned her last pass for her MH Title at Marin Retriever Club's test May 9/10th 2009! Sables been on fire this year, passing 4 of 5 tests entered this spring. We're proud of our little Sable!

This ones for Momma Darla!"

 Karen and Sable in holding blind
Sending Sable MRC


Waterspook MacDonald Tartan, JH

Summer 2015 was sad for us....

We lost Matriarch Mickie.... She was just under 13.

There's' no worse day for me ,than to say goodbye to one of my friends. Mickie crossed the rainbow bridge with her head in my hands and a handful of cookies. She is remembered daily and missed terribly...

 Visit her memorial page

10/23/02 - 8/12/15 


FC/AFC Kensbridge Darkly Handsome x

 Waterspook Tomfoolery, SH 


Mickie had fast become a princess like her grandma, Billie. She wins the hearts of everyone who meets her, and is as charming as the day is long. She's a very good marker with style in the pheasant field.    

After being a terrific three-time mother for us, Mickie is retired from mom-hood and continues to keep the bed warm.  She is the best and most bold counter hopper, I've ever known.



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