In Loving Memory of

Waterspook Kickin' Good time, MH

4/27/97 - 7/11/05

Taken From Me Way To Soon




They say you only get one GREAT dog in your lifetime. I hope that's not true- I'd hate to go the rest of my life not knowing another dog as good as you were...

You weren't Perfect; but you came closer than any dog I've ever


I'll never stop loving you , Kickie.


The following is a special tribute lovingly written by a dear friend of

Mine and Kick's. -Sandy Denn




      Some of us have been fortunate enough in this life to have met, known or been owned by a dog that fits that description, and alas, since they live only a fraction of the time that we do, we lose them far too soon.


Such a great dog passed away last month.

His name was "Kick", known professionally as "Waterspook Kickin Good Time, MH."


      I have had dogs in my life all of my life (and that's 66 years as of now!) and can't begin to count how many dogs that entails. Right now I have 8 of my own, and periodically live with many more when we are "in-house" boarding. As a child I always had at least two and sometimes 6 or 7 depending on how many of my Dad's sheepdogs I was caring for. Out of all those dogs, I can count about 3 that I have shared a life with that were absolutely the "more than human" dogs, as "Kick" was. I was never Kick's owner or trainer, merely his friend. I don't say that lightly, he truly was a friend. He knew my car when I would drive into his yard, and he knew that I enjoyed his very boisterous greeting when he liked you. Kick had a big deep voice and used inflection to convey his current message of the day when he sensed you liked his "talkiness." And Kick always had to have the last word. It wasn't the usual barking that a dog does when his space is being invaded, this was a word for word exchange.


"Well hello Kick, how are you today?"

"Bark bark, pause, Bark, bark."

"That's good, and how are the other dogs?"


"Okay, that's enough now Kick, I want to visit with your friend."


"Quiet now Kick.".


"That's enough, quiet."



      I don't care what else I would say to him, he always had the last "Bark". This was just a single "Bark".. He knew exactly what he was trying to say..and also knew exactly that he wanted -the last word."


Photography: Greg Gersbach/Wildheart
Waterspook Kickin' Good Time, MH, JH, SH

4/27/97-7/11/05 Taken Way Too Soon

OFA Hips: Good 
OFA Elbows: Normal, 
Eyes: ACVO clear annually 
Heart: ECHO Clear by Color Doppler.

Frozen Semen Available to Selected Females


     I lost Kick on July 11, 2005. He was everything to me, and everything to Waterspook Labradors. He's left his mark on my heart, and I will miss him dearly.


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