A Tribute to Bouncer

WR Waterspook's Partner In Crime, SH, CGC

7/29/91 - 8/25/00

Forever in my heart.




When I Got You
I Just went to See
A Batch of Pups - Not one for Me.

She said you'd be  a Good One - 
that I should Not Wait.
That was our Beginning, "B"
You weren't just a Good One - 
But a Great.

You were my First Senior Hunter
My First Master Leg.
I was so Proud of You,
an MH title for you, I begged!

You Always Tried your Best
but, for little things, we'd get tossed.
So many times we'd go home blue.
We didn't Win but it was their Loss.

Your quirky habits Always
caused me Fits, or Giggles.
Nobody could trim your nails - 
Too Full of Wiggles!

The Birds had to Beware - 
be quick on their wings
Any time You were There.

Your Bark and Chase Always made me Laugh

But if the Wind came up, or thunder Clapped - 
Under a blanket, In the Closet - 
I'd find you Wrapped!

So Suddenly Our Giggles Stopped - 
and the Many Tears came.
Started on that Dreadful Day
When I found you Lame.

The Vet had bad news.
Said he thought it was CANCER.
Not me, Not my Dog.
Not My Bouncer!

The happiness stopped -
all I had were tears.
Your Last Birthday coming up - 
Only Nine Years.

Your last month went so Quick.
You wanted to Go, To Run and Play.
You didn't know you were sick.

Too soon the time came
To Say Goodbye.
That wasn't the hard part.
It's having you Gone
That still makes me cry ...

WR Waterspook's Partner In Crime, SH, CGC

7/29/91 - 8/25/00

Bouncer was a wonderful companion.  She greeted everyone with a tail wag and was truly one of the favorites.  Her nickname was "The Good One".  She will be missed terribly.


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