Waterspook Kickin' Gunshot, JH, SH


6/13/03- 12/8/08

...With Tremendous Sadness, I said Goodbye to My Boom on December 8th,2008. His loss has left a huge empty spot in my heart and in the lives of all he touched in his short life.  Words are not enough to give tribute to this wonderful fella. I'm blessed to have trained many of his kids and , luckier still, to have three of his beautiful daughters to enjoy every day. They'll do ya proud- big guy. May they all be greenheads buddy, I'll see you at the bridge.........

Soon we will be adding Boom's special Memorial page, as all of our other gone but cherished dogs have earned. Check back with a tissue..."

Waterspook Kickin' Good Time,MH


Poconip Annie Get Yer Gun, JH


My Boom-A-Sano, Son.
I miss you every day, Without you, Its Not the Same.
Training days are different, not as full.
Those days are lonely, without your spunk, they're pretty Dull.

Its different without you, Big Guy.
I miss your paw, I miss your talk.
Your girls are here, Ollie, Sue and Belle
They're so like you,- but they make me miss you more.

Until we meet again, Son, Don't let that Greenhead get away.....

" As We Walk Down Country Lanes, I'll Be Singing A Song
Hear Me Callin' Your Name.
Hear the Wind In The Trees, Tellin' Mother Nature about You and Me.
Well if the sun shines so bright, or on our way its darkest night
The Road we choose is always right, So Fine.
Ah ,can your love be so strong, when so many loves go wrong
Will our love go on and on and on and on,and on......."

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp- Led Zeppelin.


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