On March 24, 2011,Another special dog crossed the rainbow bridge without me. Jesse, aka- Whizzer, WhizBang, JesseWorm , dug her way into everyone's hearts early on. I had planned on keeping a black one from her litter, and very early she showed that she was going to shine.

I had to keep this little red one. From her funny ways, her 'joker ' smile, with her lips pulled tight when she was happy or smug on the couch, to , being able to mark anything in training- consistently.... This sun red dog, never had her chance to shine.."


WITH HUGE SADNESS, WE ANNOUNCE ANOTHER ONE GONE TOO SOON..... Jesse had a progressive brain disease that took her sweet life way too young. See Jesse's Memorial Page to pay tribute to another great one that was taken way before her time. This sun red dog, never got her chance to shine.....



Love Hurts- by Nazareth 

Love hurt, Love Scars

Love Hurts, love Mars

Any Heart, not tough

Or Strong enough

To take a lot of Pain

Take a lot of Pain

Love is like a cloud

Holds A lot of Rain

Love Hurts, Ooh Ooh love hurts

I’m young I know

But even so

I know a thing or two

I learned from you

I learned a lot

Really learned a lot

Love is like a flame

It burns you when its hot

Love hurts, Ooh Ooh love hurts

Some fools think of Happiness

Blissfulness, Togetherness

Some fools fool themselves I guess

Theyre not foolin me

I know it isn’t true

I know it isn’t true

Love is just a lie

Made to make you blue

Love Hurts,

Ooh Ooh Love hurts

Ooh Ooh Love Hurts


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